With only 620,000 inhabitants, Oslo is one of the smallest capitals in Europe, and is surrounded by amazing nature at its best. The city has an excellent infrastructure and using the public transport system you can cross the whole town and get to the wilderness or one of the islands in the inner Oslo Fjord in less than twenty minutes. Holmenkollen, Oslo's largest ski centre, with its ski jump, is the best-known symbol of the city and is illuminated at night. During the short Nordic summer, life is enjoyed to the full and the whole of Oslo is out and about. The gay scene is certainly small here, but really interesting and friendly, and compared to other cities, very laid-back.

Gay. Exclusively or almost exclusively gay men Air conditioning Bar with full range of alcoholic beverages Non-smoking area Showers Relax room Dry sauna Steam bath Solarium Whirlpool / Jacuzzi / Hot tub Free extra towels Meals. Extensive menu available Darkroom Sling Free condoms Video shows

> Storgaten 41 | Oslo

Sauna on 4 floors with a big steam bath and Jacuzzi. Entrance fee includes extra towels, condoms, lubricant and soap. more

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