Sri Lanka

Cities in Sri Lanka


Location: South Asia
Initials: LKA
International country code: 94 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Sinhalese,Tamil, English
Area: 65,610 kmē = 25,332 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR) = 100 Cents
Population: 20,328,000
Capital: Colombo, Sri Jayawardenepura (government)
Religions: 70% Buddhist, 15% Hindu, 8% Christian, 7% Muslim
Climate: Constant warm climate with most rain in May and Oct.

According to paragraph 365a, homosexuality is illegal in Sri Lanka. Gay men can be imprisoned for up to ten years when prosecuted. Although nobody has been prosecuted in court for 20 years, the situation in Sri Lanka is worrying, according to Amnesty International. The population is plagued by a rising number of abductions, illegal killings and children being recruited to the army. Yet in 2011, the Colombo Pride even "Equal Ground" could go ahead for the 7th time. It should be seen as a particularly resounding success that the celebrants included homosexuals as well as heterosexuals.

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